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How to Contribute to the OpenJDK

Volker Simonis,

The OpenJDK Project

Contributing - Legal Aspects

Need to sign the Oracle Contribution Agreement (OCA)

OpenJDK and the Java™

OpenJDK Bylaws

The OpenJDK Bylaws are the "constitution" of the OpenJDK project

OpenJDK Structure

OpenJDK Infrastructure

OpenJDK Tools - Mercurial

Mercurial is a distributed source control system available for all major platforms

OpenJDK uses forest so we must either:

OpenJDK Tools - Webrev

Webrev is a "poor man's" code review system (e.g. webrev for Bug 6865265).

OpenJDK Tools- JTreg

JTreg is a Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform

Building the OpenJDK

Fixing a Bug - Part 1

Bugs must be fixed in a development code line first!

Search for the bug in the bug database

Fix the bug in the repository of the team that's responsible for the code

Discuss your bug and the fix on the corresponding mailing list if you're not sure

Fixing a Bug - Part 2

Once you have a fix, try to create a small regression test

Create a Webrev from your fix (and test) and upload it to your web-space

Submit your fix to the appropriate mailing list

Be ready to discuss, defend and improve your fix several rounds

General Considerations