A picture of LanguageAnalyzer in action. It shows the novell "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka in english and russian translation. The window is divided horizontally into two main parts which contain the two versions respectively. Each of this parts contains the document content on the right side and a tree-view on its left side which shows the structure of the document encoding. For example in the lower part, the 3rd sentence in the 5th paragraph corresponds to the underlined sentence in the text area on its right side.

Every structure has a link attribute which holds the link number(s) to the corresponding structure(s) in the sibling document. For example the 5th sentence in the 5th paragraph in the upper document is linked to the 5th and the 6th sentence of the 5th paragraph of the lower document.

Clicking with the mouse button on a structure element (as done for the 4th sentence in the 5th paragraph in the upper document) pops up a window which can be used to edit the different element attributes. The encoding structure is created automatically and may be refined manually.