8 The source file format

As shown in the first section, arbitrary parts of a source file can be made available to ProgDoc by enclosing them with comment lines of the form '// BEGIN tagname' and '// END tagname' respectively where in this and the following examples we will use the C++ comment syntax. However ProgDoc also supports a number of other languages.

When speaking about supported languages, one has to distinguish between highlighting support for a language which comes from pdhighlight and the support to extract code snippets out of files of a given language, which is provided by pdweave. The following table lists the supported languages with respect to both these tools. In general, any file may be used as input source, even if not listed here, by specifying ``text'' as type argument and the corresponding comment character(s) as comment argument to the \sourceinput command (see table on page [*]).

type Language Comment character(s) pdweave pdhighlight
c C // , /$*$ $\surd$ $\surd$
cpp C++ // , /$*$ $\surd$ $\surd$
java Java // , /$*$ $\surd$ $\surd$
xml XML $<!--$ $\surd$ $\surd$
scm Scheme ; , ;; , ;;; , ;;;; $\surd$ $\surd$
el ELisp ; , ;; , ;;; , ;;;; $\surd$ $\surd$
vb VisualBasic ' $\surd$ $-$
py Python # $\surd$ $-$
text Text # , // , - $\surd$ $-$

Volker Simonis 2003-03-05