12.1 Requirements

In order to use the ProgDoc system you need a running awk interpreter. If you want to produce HTML output, you need LATEX2HTML. Additionally, a make utility is recommended but not needed. If you want to compile the source code, you need flex, the GNU version of the lexical analyzer generator lex, an ANSI C compiler and make.

The binary version for Windows as well as the source distribution contain win32 executables of awk, flex and make, whereas Unix systems have them by default. The latest version of LATEX2HTML can be obtained from [La2HT]. ProgDoc 1.0 was tested with LATEX2HTML 99.2beta5 and beta6. Older versions may have some problems processing ProgDoc's output. Therefore using the LATEX2HTML version which can be found on the ProgDoc home page is recommended.

Volker Simonis 2003-03-05