12.2 Compiling ProgDoc

If you have a binary distribution, you can skip this section. Unpack the source distribution. If you work on a Windows systems be sure to copy the files located in the 'win32bin/' directory of the distribution to a location covered by your PATH environment variable. Then enter the 'src/' directory and type make. This should call flex which creates pdhighlight.c out of pdhighlight.l. Then the C/C++ compiler(s) will compile all the C/C++-files and produce the executables pdhighlight and pdlsthighlight in the 'bin/' directory. On Windows platforms you must execute 'make -f Makefile.win' in the 'src/' directory which will result in the creation of pdhighlight.exe and pdlsthighlight.exe in the 'bin/' directory.

Notice: pdhighlight uses the GNU getopt library to parse its command line arguments. Because this library is not standard on all Unix systems, ProgDoc comes with its own getopt files. However, in rare circumstances (apparently under some versions of AIX or BSD), these files can interfere with already installed getopt files. In this case, you can either delete the getopt files which come with ProgDoc and use the ones supplied by the system, or if this doesn't work, install a new version of getopt.

Volker Simonis 2003-03-05