12.3 Installing ProgDoc

Copy pdhighlight, pdlsthighlight and pdweave (pdhighlight.exe, pdlsthighlight.exe, pdweave and pdweave.bat on Windows systems) from the 'bin/' directory to a directory which is in the executable path of your system (for example '/usr/local/bin' on Unix systems or 'C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32' on Windows boxes.) On Windows systems you have to additionally edit the pathname of pdweave in the file pdweave.bat to reflect the actual location of the file.

As last step you have to copy the style files located in the directory 'latex/' into a place where they can be found by your LATEX system. The 'latex/' directory currently contains two files: ' progdoc.sty' and 'html.sty'. 'html.sty' is only needed in the case you don't plan to install LATEX2HTML. Otherwise use the ' html.sty' file which comes with your LATEX2HTML distribution.

That's it, you're done. In order to test your installation, you can enter the 'test/' directory and type make at the command prompt. This should build the file test.dvi. If you have LATEX2HTML up and running (see section A.4), you can try to say make html in order to build the HTML version of the documentation. The page will be generated in its own subdirectory called 'test/'.

Volker Simonis 2003-03-05